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Root Word Auto

Root word auto is defined as “self.” Some of the words for root word auto are autoplay, autosuggest,autogear,autopsy.The super simple method to get the words for the root word auto is “autonomous.” This word is used by many colleges. “Self” means it works by no other means rather by its own means. The word “auto”… Read More »

Short Play Scripts

Sometimes we need special and unique Short Play Script to attract an audience. If we give scripts always routine type, then we cannot claim for good Short Play Script. Here I am giving with all my hard work the best Short Play Script with all requirements of characters. Read also stories of humor and comedy… Read More »

Comedy Skit and Story

Comedy skits and humor are quiet needed when we want really to smile and laugh. So laughing and smiling are very good if you want to improve your health so it is my advice for everyone to have a certain kind of good nature of smiling and knowing some important things about the comedy-related area.… Read More »

Drama Script in English

Modern Interesting drama script with moral There are many scripts available like drama script in English, drama scripts for teenagers and funny drama script in English with moral and some humorous stories. But here you will get fully new and never used short skit on moral values with dialogues in english .This is completely new “Drama Script”… Read More »