Scopus Indexed Journals

Here are the Scopus Indexed Journals for various subjects to publish research papers.

  • Scopus indexed journals in mechanical engineering

    Scopus indexed journals in Mechanical Engineering

    An Indexed journal can be directly proportional to the quality of the journal, and the process of indexing of a journal marks its authenticity. Similarly, Scopus is Elsevier’s abstract and citation database which was launched in the year 2004. It covers three major types of sources: book series, journals and trade journals. Every journal published in the Scopus goes through a thorough review each year to maintain its high quality and standards. Following is a list of 15 Scopus indexed journals in Mechanical Engineering: Materials Today It is a Netherlands based journal and is published by Elsevier BV. It deals with areas like Physics, Astronomy, Mechanical engineering, Mechanics of materials,…

  • Scopus Indexed Journals in Mathematics

    Scopus Indexed Journals in Mathematics 2020 (New Update)

    If you are searching for a list of famous journals of Mathematics that are indexed in Scopus, I have made some efforts to gather some important scopus indexed journals in Mathematics 2020. This list of scopus indexed journals in mathematics 2020 is based on recent research done by us in India. These are fast publishing scopus journals in mathematics and some of them are Indian journals in mathematics. There are also paid sci indexed journals in mathematics. Send an email to the editor of the journal to confirm the list of scopus indexed journals in mathematics 2020. Journal of International Mathematics Research Notices. Israel Journal of  Mathematics. Izvestia mathematics journal. Japanese…

  • List of Scopus Indexed Journal in Civil Engineering 2020

    Scopus Indexed Journals in Civil Engineering|2020 updated list

    Indexed Journals by Scopus gives authority and credibility to civil engineering doctoral researchers. These are the top 10 Scopus indexed journals in civil engineering for the year 2020 that can publish quality papers in the journals. Magazine of Civil Engineering. Advances in Civil Engineering. Archives of Civil Engineering. Asian Journal of Civil Engineering. Australian Journal of Civil Engineering. Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems. Ecology and Civil Engineering. Scopus indexed journal of Magazine of Civil Engineering. Magazine of civil engineering provides an incredible platform where you can publish an original research paper. This platform has both an online and printed version of the civil…

  • Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics

    Top 15 Scopus Indexed Journals In Economics

    We have curated a detailed and researched list of the Top 15 Scopus Indexed Journals in Economics for all the Economics enthusiasts. Quarterly Journal of Economics Entrepreneurship Theory and Practise Journal of Economic Perspectives Journal of Human Resources Journal of Supply Chain Management Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Finance Journal of Financial Economics Journal of Economic Growth International Journal of Production Economics Resources, Conservation, and Recycling Journal of Political Economy Journal of Accounting Research American Economic Journal: Applied Economics For beginners who do not know what Scopus is- we will be helping you out with that as well. Scopus is well-known…

  • scopus indexed journals in English Literature

    Scopus indexed journals in English literature

    Scopus indexed journals in English literature of The Journal of English as an International Language There are many Scopus indexed journals in English literature and one of the famous one is “The Journal of English as an International Language.” This is popularly known with the website called with ISSN: 2200-2014 (Online) To know more about this journal in English Literature, check their introduction page. EILJ is included in Scopus journal list in English literature. Guidelines to submit your paper to EILJ No Prior submissions to other journals because this is an international journal of English studies Scopus The paper must be in MS Word format The spacing format is…