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Can PhD be done after PGDM?

Can PhD be done after PGDM? Yes PhD can be done after PGDM as long as it is accredited from NBA and at the same time having a certificate from AIU and an approval from AICTE. Once you have these 3 preconditions fulfilled, your PGDM becomes equivalent to MBA. Then you can pursue PhD easily… Read More »

PhD how many years in India

Once you decide doing your phd, the first thing that comes up in your mind is ” phd how many years in India” This is the only thought that may run again and again. It takes 3 years to finish phd in India. It may extend some more time depending upon many other factors such… Read More »

PhD Salary In India

Doing PhD in India and getting a job is no easy task. In the same way, the salaries are of great demand for PhD holders. The average PhD salary in India is 50000 INR. It can go up to 100000+ INR with experience and good number of publications. If you are wondering how much could… Read More »

PhD Vignan University

PhD Vignan University is a 3 year full time program and 4 year part-time program. Here is a Step-by-Step Guide on how to do PhD in Vignan University. Also I will discuss on PhD admissions in Vignan University along with the time of PhD notification in Vignan University for the academic year 2020. Learn also… Read More »

How much is PhD fees in India

PhD fees in India is INR 25000 per semester. This fee in India for PhD varies depending upon the type of university you opt for. In a state university, the semester fees are far less than that you compare with the private universities. There is also a concession for some PhD students who get a… Read More »

Easy Way to Get PhD in India

Easy way to get PhD in India is to approach a good PhD consultant or just apply for PhD and do it directly on your own. Read full PhD process on how to do PhD in India and how to apply for PhD in India. You can also buy easy PhD in India that is… Read More »