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phd vs doctorate in Newyork

In Newyork PhD is kept as a title after the name of someone who are awarded PhD degree where as doctorate is a typical degree that stands as a name. The difference between PhD vs doctorate is PhD is a qualification and Doctorate is a person who had done PhD. In california PhD is just… Read More »

PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany in India

PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany will be different for each university. But most commonly, every university follows certain common syllabus patterns. Here is my detailed syllabus outlook to write entrance exam for PhD in Botany. Download PhD entrance exam syllabus for botany Botany is a stream of Biology subject in which knowledge is shared… Read More »

Number of phds per country

When coming to PhD, it is not that every country could produce easily. Here is the percentage levels of each country’s PhD doctorates. Usually this census and survey is conducted by PhDstudytips in the month of october 2019. Here are the results of the number of phds per country. Country Number of PhDs United States… Read More »

PhD in Garden City University

Information about PhD in Garden city university is crucial to join and take admission. Here is the detailed process about its fees and the available PhD programs in Garden City University Bangalore. Garden City University PhD fees is 50000 INR per semester except for PhD in Psychology which is 60000/-. per semester. Having said this… Read More »

Are PhD Programs Free?

INTRODUCTION  No, there are no free PhD programs in any of the Higher learning institutions. Everyone desires to get full funding of the PhD programs to avoid paying for the tuition fee. Most of the University which are offering the PhD programs have subsidized the cost for the student who wishes to pursue the programs.… Read More »

PhD Research Topics In Marketing

New PhD aspirants are anxious about researching the best topics for their PhD program in Marketing. Here I am sharing with you Top 25 PhD Research Topics in Marketing. With one of the topics, you can confidently go ahead into your doctoral program in Marketing Thesis of Client Profitability in marketing. The Effectiveness of Distribution.… Read More »

Academic English Learning tips for PhD Students

There is always a situation when you are a technical student and feel difficult in Academic English. Here are few easiest tips to learn Academic English for all PhD students. This type of typical language can be useful to write your PhD thesis and some research papers or an essay. Watch English documentaries that improve… Read More »