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Scopus indexed journals in English language teaching

Here are the top list of Scopus indexed journals in English langauge teaching which can be called as ELT. You can verify these journals on scopus data base by typing ISSN number. Here is the link for checking the present status of these journals in scopus.

  1. English for specific purposes (( ISSN:0889 4906).
  2. Journal of English for Academic Purposes (issn:1475 1585).
  3. Research in the Teaching of English ( ( ISSN:0034 527X).
  4. College English ( ISSN:0010 0994).
  5. Journal of English as a Lingua Franca ( ISSN:2191 9216).
  6. Journal of English Linguistics (ISSN:0075 4242).
  7. Teaching English With Technology ( ISSN:1642 1027).
  8. English in Education (ISSN: 0425 0494).
  9. English Text Construction ( ISSN: 1874 8767).
  10. English World-Wide ( ISSN: 0172 8865).
  11. English Language and Linguistics ( ISSN: 1360 6743).
  12. English Today ( ISSN: 0266 0784).
  13. English Historical Review ( ISSN: 0013 8266).
  14. English Teaching-Practice and Critique ( ISSN: 1175 8708).
  15. English in Australia ( ISSN: 0046 208X).
  16. Changing English ( ISSN: 1358 684X).
  17. Intenational Journal of English Stidies ( ISSN: 1578 7044).
  18. Europeon Journal of English Studies ( ISSN: 1382 5577).
  19. English Teaching and Learning ( ISSN: 1023 7267).
  20. Journal of English as an International Language ( ISSN: 2200 2014).
  21. Language and Literature ( ISSN:0963-9470E-ISSN:1461-7293).
  22. Journal of the Social Sciences ( ISSN:0253-1097).

The above list of scopus indexed journals in ELT is based upon the source available on Scopus Date Base at the time of writing this article. Reader’s observation is requested.

how to write a research paper

How to write a research paper

Here are few tips on how to write a research paper

  1. Download Research Papers
  2. Watch Youtube videos
  3. Read Library Books
  4. Print important material
  5. Discuss with Supervisor
  6. Write short note
  7. Collect Relevant Pictures
  8. Expand heading and sub headings
  9. Write abstract
  10. Write Introduction
  11. Write Conclusion

How to download research papers

The best way to download research paper in your related topic is to go to Google Scholar. Here one can find many research papers. Just type in the search engine your topic. There would be many paper showing up. Just dowload them into your computer and read them at least 5 to 10 papers. This way you will get ideas to write research paper.

Watch Youtube Videos

These days watching youtube videos will be of great help to write a research paper. Many are turning out to youtube for uploading education content instead of writing on websites. It is becoming highly popular search engine now a days. There will be plenty of teachings that are related to your topic. Just watch them to get general idea about your topic.

Reading Library Books

Library is the oldest technique of getting knowledge. Even today one cannot deny it amidst many technical things out there. Going to libray means, you have peace of mind to read. This is one of the important benefits than any other learning mode. There is a room for serenity of mind. This way you will learn better and good and best.

Print and spiral bind research papers

Many save online digital content on to their computers. This will not motivate us to read. So always take a pring out and get it spiral binding. This way it will be a big reminder to read. They are infront of your eyes and you will feel somehow to read in the free time.

Discuss your topic with Supervisor

Now after completing the steps that I have been mentioning above, slowly move and set up a meet with your supervisor. Discuss your topic with your supervisor. Make a voice recording of the suggestion given by your supervisor. This is how you will not miss a single word of genius from your supervisor. The points that are given by your supervisor will be very helpful to include in your research paper writing.

Cultivate the habit of short notes

During the process of writing research paper, one must strictly cultivate the habit of taking short notes of imporatant ideas and points from all the primary sources and secondary sources. When you gather information, later when you seriously start writing research paper, ideas will be very easy to gather.

Collect relevant Pictures

You may include some symbols and pictures in your research papers. Make sure you go to google images and get quality resolutions. Be aware of copy rights here. That is enough.

Time to write chapters of research papers

After all this pre-preparation, you must be ready now to start writing research papers. Now to try to prepare skeleton for your research papers. Firstly choose the number of chapters. ( For long research papers, you need chapters but they are not required for short papers.) Secondly write the headings for chapters. Thirdly, write sub headings if any.

Expand Headings and Sub Headings

Now that you are ready with the names of headings, decide the number of words for each heading . I suggest you to write 500 words for each heading. Keep at least 10 headings through out the research paper. This way your reserch paper will be about 5000 words. This is enough for publication in a reputed journals.

At last write abstract, introdcution and conclusion

Based on your body and heading, prepare abstract with keywords. Abstract is noting but the outline and main points of your research paper in 250 words. Write introduction now. Introduction means you will introduct the main events happeing in research paper with little explanation. Finally the conclusion is about what you attained, the final result of your research paper and out come.

If one follows my above simple steps, one can write a good research paper fast.

What is PhD in numerology

Here are some options to study numerology. There are some ebooks from where you can find some information.

There are some videos out there on youtube. You can learn from them too.

But most importantly there are universities that offer numerology based courses. Here you learn how to work with numerology calculator and predictions based on numerology and birth numbers.

Among many, the powerful tool to learn numerology is to have experience in numerolog predictions and numeroloyg name corrretion.

With experience, you can learn better than studying many conventional books about numerology.

There are many website offering free predictions. You can just learn from there throughly.

If you wanna buy ebook, you can simply whatsapp me, I will give you my personal numerology learning ebook and my 23 video training package all about numerology. Thank you. I am shyam reddy Numerologist cum pronologist.

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jam topics for cse

Top 10 Jam topics for cse

CSE is an important engineering branch where jam topics play an important role to improve the interview skills. Here are few jam topicss for cse to improve their interview skills and as well as soft skills.

  1. Are coding skills required for cse when Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly?
  2. Will jobs diminish with the arrival of robotic workers for cse students?
  3. Why cse is better than other engineering branches?
  4. Why other engineering branches are better in 2020 than opting for cse?
  5. Why cse has become a popular branch in an Engineering sector?
  6. Do studetns require to learn python now a days?
  7. cse students do not have minimum coding knowledge. Do you agree?
  8. Is it good to pay more fees for cse branch?
  9. Importance of egovernance in todays world.
  10. Why jam topics are to be conduted for cse students?

Having said the above jam topics for cse, it is very important to have a regular practise of all these technical topics. Once you are familiar to speak well on the given topics for one minute ( spontaneously) with out any prior preparation or learning by heart, then you are ready for a successful interview. During interview, jam topics testing will be conducted by many companies. For example here are some topics by google. This way first of all you must know which company are you going to attend the interview. Once you know it, you must check the previous jam topics that a particular company asks during the campus interview.

So make sure to practise jam topics for cse in a special way. Do not get into learning wrong jam topics which are conduccted for other branches. No doubt cse branch is something special and typical. So they will ask critically. Usually jam topiccs for cse are competitive. There are many students got admitted fo rthis branch. So knowing before some of the topics and getting ready to face is a good choice to move forward.

PhD in data science India

PhD in Data Science India eligibility

The eligibility to do PhD in Data Science in India is to have masters in computer science,health science and social sciene.

This eligibility of masters is taken into regard by many universities. There is no other alternative for this.

If you wan to do PhD in data scienc in India, masters qualification plays a greater role.

If you do not have this qualification, you are not allowed to get admission into PhD in Data Science.

You must pass with good percentage. Though percentage is not so important, my suggestion is that there is lot of demand for this course.

There is so much fear that competition may bring down during the time of PhD interview.

Also see my PhD interview tips for cracking PhD admission. So in interview they may look into the percentage of you score that you have acquired in your masters in computer science or masters in data science.

Having said this, I suggest to not only concentrate on your PhD entrance but also if right now you are by any chance doing your masters, first concentrate to get good marks and attain handsome score.

This way your eligibility will become more powerful to study phd in data science in India. In India academic scores play a greater role rather than just getting score in interviews or say so phd entrance.

I always prefer telling this to many phd aspirants to concentrate. Having said that the eligibility to do phd in data science in India is masters with good score, the other aspect of eligibility is that you must also do data science in your degree level.

Though it is not mandatory but it enforces your eligibility to do Phd in India data science.

There are many things when someone wants to know which are the conditions to do PhD in data science in India.

You have manage all round. Here are few steps to get eligibility to do phd in data science in India.

  1. Masters in data science or related.
  2. Better to have studied same subject in degree level.
  3. Crack PhD entrance test for data science.
  4. Crack PhD interview.
  5. Keep all original transcripts in hand.
  6. Having UGC NET or SET will boost further.

If you fulfil the said above 6 conditions, you will get full eligibility to do PhD in data science from Indian unversitites; be it government university or private university or to the extent NIT or IIT.

tips to prepare for just a minute competition

How to Prepare for just a minute competition?

One can prepare for just a minute competition by gathering various jam topics that are relevant to the upcoming competition. Here are 10 pro tips to prepare before hand for just a minute competition.

  • Gather some 100+ jam topics from internet.
  • Have a vague idea on each jam topic.
  • Prepare your speech for just a minute only.
  • Do not exceed time limit given.
  • Get some nice tailored vocabulary in hands.
  • Practise in simple sentences to speak just a minute.
  • Well dressed and body language skill is essential.
  • Do some rehearsals even before the just a minute competition.
  • Look confident until you finish just a minute competition.

Always make sure that you gather some relevant jam topics before hand instead of practising few on the competition day. Remember, practising just on the day of competition will not be helpful unless you do before hand. I suggest to prepare for just a minute competition 2 weeks before it will happen. This way you are fully prepared and done to speak and beat the just a minute competiton.

Have a good and general idea on each topic is another way of preparation for just a minute competitions. Do not just leave any topic out there because you are not interested. Who knows? You will be asked the same jam topic which you had thought irrelevant. So have a general idea on jam topics to speak at least a few things about it.

Learn to prepare according to the time given to you. i.e. just a minute. The purpose of just a minute competition is to speak in a minute what you knew. So this is no doubt a judging criteria to get a prize or to win just a mintue competition.

Using good and fine vocabulary during your jam session will make you stand unique among others and you can easily outperform with good amount of vocabualary. Let this vocabulary be a mix of strange and uncommon and easy words. Do not speak totally with strange vocabulary. Remember in English language, context plays a great part. You will find in the dictionary some examples on how to use a particular word. This way you can fine tune. Some form of vocabulary which are general is nature can be spoken for every jam topic. For example: Brilliant, Outstanding, extraordinary etc. Learn such type of vocabulary to outperform other competitors in just a minute competition.

Prepare on how to use simple sentences in the just a minute competition. Do not go for long and complex sentences that gives wrong impression and audience will feel lethargic to listen to your just a minute speech.

Well, rehearsal is the heart of every just a mintue competition. Feel that someone is there around you and do some mock preparation. Go to the terrace and find yourself or imagine you are among audience and practice in real time. This way you will be very confident in real competition..

Finally, confidence makes everything complete.

If you follow the above suggestions, you can easily win just a minute competition.

jam topics with answers in simple english

Jam Topics With Answers in Simple English

Here is a short collection of jam topics with answers in simple English that every one could understand and speak. I have given these answers for jam topics to make it easy for you during just a minute sessions. You do not need to prepare much if you have a ready made answers for at least some trending topics that you will be asked in your upcoming jam session rounds.

The thing that I always remember in my life is:

There are certian moments that every one should have undergone that remained a memorey for the rest of one’s life. I have also got to share a memorable moment with you all. One day when I got up early in the morning, I happened to see the day was very gloomy and I had thought it was not a day of luck. I went and sat in the chair to look upon the then live news. It was to my surprise my photo was displayed on the television. I was very happy. That was not because a moment of achievement but some one week back a tv broadcasting channel came to our campus and conducted some games. During that period, the video was taken. And luckily among many hundreds of students, my video was played on television. I got lot of appreciation from my principal and colleagues. So it was an unforgettable moment in my life.

Social media is an advantage of disadvantage:

In my view, Social media is an advantage. It brings in all the people under one umbrella where each one can share his or her views. There is always a sense of consciousness in human beings. we are are somebody who do things with out thinking. Some people do bad works with social media. It does not mean the social networks are bad. Even with no existence of social network, the sam people commit such type of henious acts. One cannot stop somebody who want to create problem to the society. Anyhow they do with or with out social media. So now a days with social media, communication has become damn easy. There is no delays unlike olden days where one need to wait 5 to 7 days to send a message to someone who was at distant places. Now, with the arrival of social media and networks, thing have changed drastically that all can be done with a single click of a button on the mobile or computer.

What if I am chosen to be a CEO of Google

If I become a CEO of Google, I bring a revolution in the way search engine works. I compete with microsoft and baidu. I bring down those and dominate them in terms of windows. Google never thought of beating windows operating system. Microsoft is still on the upperhand. So if I become CEO of Google, I will discover one operating system to beat windows. I make sure that whatever is on the internet must be started from Google. Even in China I bring down baidu search engine and develop Google and make it number one. I also develop artificial intelligence so that Google can maintain all of its assets intelligently.

My super favourite destination is:

My super favourite destination is to visit Falkland Islands. These Islands are beutifully landscaped in South America. There are penguins out there and the place is quite silent and windy. One can find serene atmosphere and can live life happily. There are many old people living there entirely after retirement. Falkland Islands has got many churches which are attractive to see. There are few places where shoes are thrown and hanged as a sign of one to come and visit the place again and again.

Conclusion: Get more jam topics and practise them every say on your own to be successful in interviews. This way you will get a good placement in any of the prestigious companies out there.