Buying a Land

Once an illiterate man from India went to Paris for buying land and settle down happily in life. As he was around the Eiffel tower, a person approached him to sell his land.

Indian is very happy for the sudden opportunity that the man has offered. Indian asked about the details of the land.

The French man replied by showing the Eiffel tower that the land where the tower is standing.

Indian was amazed at that. He asked, ” are you selling Eiffel tower to me?” The French replied, “Yes it is mine.” Then the Indian instantly took out the money and bought the Eiffel tower. The French man left.

Later, the Indian is sitting over there in front of the Eiffel tower and claiming that the tower is his own. All laughed at him humorously and told that he was abnormal with the behavior.

Now, police entered into the scene and asked India to vacate the place but in vain. All took it humorous and funny.

But in the end, the Indian started showing the whole video of what exactly happened with the French man who cheated him badly.

Indian cleverly recorded every conversation through a secret camera.

Now that the evidence is strong towards the French man, Police took immediate action and at the end, the Indian left Paris and came back to India. hahaha…… ( Do you love these humorous stories?)

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