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    Why is PhD not Dph| What does PhD stand for| Funny

    PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. This term is very much important in doctoral studies as it is the highest qualification that any one can achieve in ones life time. The term is derived from Latin. If  you still want to know what does PhD stand for in Latin, then this is my answer. In Latin it is completely different spelling and pronunciation. Below are my reasons.  For instance it stands for Doctor of Philosophy but there are other versions of PhD and what does it stand for. Here is my analysts. This word is used by Plato and Aristotle from ancient generations. Even Plato was very much fascinated by…

  • is PhD tough
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    Is PhD Tough?

    Yes PhD is tough in many aspects. Here is a full list of difficulties while doing PhD. Lack of support from PhD supervisor. Mental stress while doing PhD. No time for personal life. Highly routine and monotonous life. Depression rules you for overthinking. Not able to participate in outdoor activities. Finding difficulty to read books. ( Technology driven generation) Lack of proper resources about your topic. Lack of friendships. How to handle tough PhD • Don’t make rash decisions First things first, as people might have already told you, embarking on a PhD is not a piece of cake. If you are dreaming of being a professor, ask yourself the…

  • Viva Presentation tips
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    18 tips to pass your Viva presentation

    Viva Presentation of your PhD thesis requires you to prepare thoroughly. Viva Voce defense could be a failure if you don’t present properly. Learn tips on how to do PhD viva dissertation defense that makes you pass in doctoral viva. Face Viva exam confidently with an impressive opening speech. Keep some sample PhD viva questions and answers readily. Adjust voice as per the room size during the presentation of PhD viva. Clear Audibility is the first step for viva Voce success. Present Confidently viva thesis presentation. Do not stammer while defending PhD viva voce. Learn how to make an appropriate eye contact during PhD viva presentation. Keep ready some ready-made…

  • Part Time PhD or Full Time PhD
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    Part Time PhD or Full Time; Which is better?

    I am throwing suggestions on opting for full time PhD or choosing part time PhD. The best way is to go for “Full-Time Ph.D.”  Full-time Ph.D. is better than part-time PhD because you can finish your PhD quickly. You can do PhD faster in just 3 years of time. You can double your salary very fast. Full-time PhD is always good just because it give lots for room to publish your papers in reputed journals. In the future, after 10 years Full Ph.D.’s will have much value due to some problems in awarding part-time PhDs with low quality. Full-time PhD is better Complete PhD in just 3 years. Faster increments…

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    PhD Dissertation/Thesis Writing Tips

    PhD Dissertation or PhD thesis is the final output of your hard spending hours in your PhD. Writing your PhD dissertation required huge writing skills. Here are top tips to write your PhD dissertation or thesis easily. Follow the sample format of seniors’ thesis. Decide the names of the 5 chapters of thesis. Write headings and sub heading under each chapter. Expand each heading with out ambiguity and repetition. Write each paragraph in no more than 300 words. Write thesis to a minumum of 70000 words. Use table and figures appropriately. Explain every figure and table in a good length. Finally, write Cover Page, Index Page, References, Table of Contents…

  • 25 Benefits of doing PhD. in Australia
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    Top 29 Benefits and Advantages of doing PhD in Australia

    These are the top most benefits and advantages of doing Ph.D. in Australia. Do not require to publish papers. Good support to finish your Ph.D. thesis. Australian Universities are widely recognized for Ph.D.’s. Australian Ph.D. can easily fetch you a good job. Climate is conducive for anyone to pursue Ph.D. Permanent Residency option under skilled Ph.D. laborers. More exposure to international curriculum. Good library facilities compared to other countries. Safe and multi cultural PhD environment. No need of publishing papers during research work The major benefit of doing PhD in Australia is that you do not need to publish a paper during your PhD course. You can get your PhD…

  • easy wayt to get PhD in India
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    Easy Way to Get PhD in India

    An easy way to get PhD in India is by approaching a PhD consultant or by filling the PhD application form online. Alternatively, one can also buy an easy PhD in India that is the fastest and easiest of all. What I mean is that you can get PhD in India even by buying it offline or online. Though I don’t suggest doing it, this is the reality that is taking place with some Indian Universities. Only PhD consultants will know the universities that offer PhD for money. Here is my detailed analysis about how to get easy PhD admission in India. Approach a PhD consultant in India. Or Apply…