Are PhD Programs Free?


 No, there are no free PhD programs in any of the Higher learning institutions. Everyone desires to get full funding of the PhD programs to avoid paying for the tuition fee. Most of the University which are offering the PhD programs have subsidized the cost for the student who wishes to pursue the programs. I am sure you have seen in the websites an ad which needs you to click to get “free PHD” and you are very excited to click and unfold the wrapped gift of pursuing a PhD program. 

 The truth of the matter is that when you enquire further, from the University, which is offering the program online is that they only give a discount to the students. The students who enroll are expected to part with some tuition fee proving otherwise. 


 A fully funded program is where the institution which you will be pursuing your PhD program would cater to all your financial expenses, and you will not pay any of the amounts. It will include the following:

  • Tuition Fee

 The tuition fees cover all the amount of money which you are supposed to pay for you to be in school learning. It could get paid per year or every semester, depending on the institution guidelines. It’s important to note that the tuition fee does not comprise of other expenses buts its solely cater for the academic only.

  • AccommodationsFunding

It refers to the amount which you pay for your houses where you live while studying. In most cases, the University has a housing plan for the funded student where they reside within the school premises. In addition to that, the University may also strike a deal with another third party to offer accommodation to the funded student.

  • Food Funding

While studying, you need food, and you are expected to pay for such services. Funded student gets catered for their food expenses. In most cases, if the funded student lives inside the school premises, the University usually have a food program where the student can access the breakfast, lunches, and dinner within the school cafeteria.

  • Transport Funding

If you are residing outside the school, you will need transport to access the school premises. What many University does is that they have rolled out some buses which pick students in designated areas and ensure all the students get in the school on time.

  • Health Insurance

Many of the fully funded programs ensure that all the student have been provided with health insurance cover. The health insurance is comprehensive programs which ensure that the student gets catered for everything under the cover. In addition to that, the insurance cover would ensure one get some free check-up which would ensure someone lives a healthy life.

  • Research Travel Funding

Most of the PhD students are ever on travel conducting some research on the various places where they need transport funding and other research-related costs. The University usually provide the students with the research allowances which would ensure they conduct the research effectively


 There are free online programs which are introduced by the various University to be offered to the student without stepping in the lectures halls. However, this program comes with some cost since the free program is found on- campus. What makes the programs to get regarded as a free program is because, as students, you only pay at your own time since most of the people who enroll these programs are the researchers.


  • Flexibility

 The most significant advantage of the online free programs is that they are flexible to the students, thus ensuring that the student access the study at their own time, unlike the on-campus study where you are expected to be in the lecture hall for all your time. Most of the students who are pursuing their degrees online are working by day and attending class by night.

  • More Access To Faculty

While pursuing your PhD program online, you will be able to have more access to the faculty because the professor would have more access to the student.  There are interactive segments which are created by the professors with the students where they pose questions, and the professors get a chance to respond to these queries. It’s a great advantage to the professors and also to the students.

  • Reduced Cost

 There is a much-reduced cost when someone is pursuing the course online compared to when someone is on –campus. For instance, the only cost which someone needs to cater to is the tuition fee, and most of the University subsidizes the cost making the program to be close to the free program.

  • Improved Skills

 A student who is pursuing a doctoral degree online would have enough time to gain more skills compared to those on-campus. For instance, one would have enough time to gain skills in the day and during the night, undertake the program compared to when you will be pursuing the program on a full-time basis. According to the recent study, it shows that many students who are graduating with a doctorate have little or no skills.


 As per the World Scholarships Forum, there is a number of University which are offering some funded program to students from all the nationality. Some of these programs range from sciences, engineering, and management to their student. Getting a fully-funded PhD program is not simple because there are many University which claims to offer the free program, but they have some hidden cost. 

It would be advisable for someone to conduct due diligence to this scholarship program before someone would consider enrolling in the program. Getting Doctorate is the desire of most people, and when one is crowned, its termed as a dream come true. There is some online program which one would enroll in and complete the program within a short period without paying the high cost.