6 tips for writing PhD thesis

6 Tips For Writing Your Thesis

Writing the thesis is probably the most stressful moment during the bachelor phase. Do not panic, below you will find several supporting tips so that you too can successfully submit your thesis.

PhD thesis writing tips

Suddenly you have to do whole research, make a plan, write an argument with findings and standpoints. And then there is also the use of very many sources. While writing your thesis you go through many different phases, as we know the research, reading infinite jurisprudence and literature, and then the threshold to start writing. How long do I have to spend? How do I divide the chapters? And more importantly, where do I start? Writing may take more time than expected. Do not panic, below you will find several supporting tips so that you too can successfully submit your thesis.

Tip 1. Keep Track Of The Sources As You Write And Collect All Your Thesis Material

While collecting all your sources, you no longer see the forest for the trees. That is why it is very important to keep track of everything from the start. For example, you can create a login which you write down used search terms and which sources you found with them. Place the sources you use directly in the footnotes and state for yourself which page numbers or legal considerations you use in your thesis. So in the end, when everything seems to be confused, you don’t forget which piece of the text comes from which source.

Tip 2. Write Your Thesis In Parts

Often, after a while of writing, you are not that sharp anymore, so that unnecessary mistakes are made and sentences do not always turn out smoothly. You must regularly work on your thesis in pieces. It is better to look at it more often in shorter time frames than to spend whole days doing it a few times. If you try to ram your thesis out in one go in a few days, you will overlook many mistakes. By regularly working on it you look at it with a fresh look every time. This way you prevent a lot of mistakes in your piece. Therefore always leave a few days before the deadline, in this way you look at it one last time with a fresh look and discover errors that you initially looked over.

Tip 3. Always Submit A Complete Concept

In the rush of writing, it seems tempting to skip deadlines for submitting a draft to continue working. But it is important to use every feedback moment. That is why it is also very good to have regular contact with your thesis supervisor. It may not seem necessary, but the more you submit in advance, the more feedback you get. And with that the more you can improve. After all, a supervisor is there to support you in writing your thesis.

Tip 4. Don’t Know Much About Your Subject Yet? Then Look Up Many Current Events

Writing a thesis about a subject that you do not know much about or that you find not interesting is very difficult. It quickly feels boring and that makes you less productive. Therefore, try to read many current affairs about your subject. In this way, you may understand a certain problem behind the subject more and it will also come to life more. And so you might also have found a nice opening for your introduction.

Tip 5. Find Several Sample Theses Online

Especially during the bachelor phase, it is difficult to imagine what a thesis should look like. Universities often place an example thesis and the assessment of that thesis online. Read this through, then you can immediately see what teachers will look for when checking. You can also often find many other students’ theses on other websites. Looking at several theses globally can probably help you gain inspiration for your layout, and it can help with the image of what a thesis should look like.

Tip 6. Always Have Your Thesis Read By Someone Who Knows Nothing About The Subject

Of course, you must regularly read your pieces yourself, but a thesis must be easy to understand for others. For example, let a fellow student or your parents read it. If they understand your thesis easily, then your story is easily traceable. Then you can put your story on paper as clearly as possible. Others may also discover a few language errors that you did not see at first.